Ballincollig Beginner Line + Ballroom (Inc. Sequence) Dancing – Ballincollig Beginner Line + Ballroom Dancing Classes

Ballincollig Beginner Line + Ballroom (Inc. Sequence). Its great to be back !

I’m delighted to announce my 8 week Ballincollig Beginner Line + Ballroom Dancing ( Inc. Sequence) Classes.

Starting Monday September 18th 7.10-8.25pm (Ballroom Dancing) And 8.230-9.30pm (Line Dancing) at Ballincollig Community School, Ballincollig , Cork.


What is Sequence Dancing?

Sequence Dancing is a type of ballroom dancing in which the couples dance around the floor in a fixed sequence of steps. All participants perform the same steps and movements simultaneously, so the dancers follow each other around the dance floor and everyone starts and stops at the same time. Sequence dancing may include different styles of dance, but normally a sequence will cover 16 bars of music in the genre being danced.

Course Cost: €70 per person


What is Line Dancing?

Line dancing involves people standing in lines performing dance movements together. It consists of patterned foot movements performed to a number of counts per sequence. The dances are done one-wall, two-wall, or four-wall to varied music including country & western music, swing , salsa, cha cha cha and more.  This class is open to those who have taken this class previously as well as to new people.

Course Cost: €65 per person


Why Should You Try Dance Classes ?

There are many benefits to putting on your dancing shoes and hopping on the floor to try Sequence Dancing:-

1).  It’s a great way to socialise and meet like minded people;

2). There’s always a fun and friendly atmosphere;

3). It’s a great hobby to keep you fit;

4). It’s good for improving your coordination and memory;

5). It gets you out the house and it’s an amazing way to release tension;

6). It will help boost your self-confidence

7). You can participate solo, with a partner or as group activity

To Enrol by Post (From Monday 28th August 2023): Enclose details and fee to Adult Education Office, Ballincollig Community School, Innishmore, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland