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Cork Dance Classes-Ballroom Jive, Latin American & Line Dance

Autumn Class Schedule  with Dancing Derek:

– Ballroom including Swing Jive Dancing Classes

Social Dance Classes Cork have become extremely popular in recent years due to the rise in popularity of young country music stars like Derek Ryan, Lisa McHugh, Nathan Carter etc., and this coupled with Ballroom “Dancing With The Stars” has brought a new generation of dancers out to learn how to dance .

Social ballroom classes will ignite your passion for dance and give you confidence to get out on that dance floor, whether it be a wedding or other social function. During the courses I will teach waltz, quickstep, foxtrot, cha cha cha , fun dances, salsa, merengue and more! .Not only are you learning a new skill with new friends , but these classes are fun and its exercise in disguise so what are you waiting for? Classes are currently enroling

-Beginners / Improvers Swing Jive Dance Classes

Social Jive classes are taking Irelands dancefloors by storm ! East Coast Swing Jive which is made up of both Single or Triple Step styles is a social partner dance made up of 4, 6 or 8 beat patterns. Swing Jive is the easiest of the partner dances to master and most people can pick up and move to figures even in their first class as the footwork to the figures for both leader and follower are easy to get, hence it is easier to learn. Dancing to Swing, Irish Country & Rock N’Roll Music  this class is suitable for both Beginner & those who want to learn more steps, improve their footwork and rhythm counts.

Two left feet ? No problem ! Over the duration of the courses, you will learn  leader and follower steps in each figure which are broken down so that you will learn the steps to dance in a fun and friendly environment. With course progression you will learn at dance classes cork beginner and advanced figures in a way that can be naturally linked together using  ballroom dance and jive (swing, country and rock n’roll) rhythms.

Partners for ALL SOCIAL DANCE classes are recommended but not essential. Return students or those who have completed a previous beginner course with me or another tutor are welcome to learn some more dances and continue to enjoy spending time on the dance floor. Bring A Water Bottle!

-Line Dance Classes

Line dancing involves people standing in lines performing dance movements together. It consists of patterned foot movements performed to a number of counts per sequence. The dances are done one-wall, two-wall, or four-wall to varied music including  country & western music, swing jive , disco , waltz, cha cha cha and more. It’s a great way to keep fit, meet new friends and learn to dance in a fun relaxed environment. Bring  A Water Bottle!

So what are you waiting for?  Come to Autumn Social Ballroom including Swing Jive & Line Dance Classes with Dancing Derek ! Have fun, get fit, make friends and learn to be more confident to dance to modern and country music at your next social occasion or wedding :).

Note – Booking essential as places cannot be guaranteed by just turning up.

Monday Evening Classes

 Social Ballroom & Fun Dance 4 Way Split

Venue :  Douglas Community School, Cleremount Avenue, Douglas, Co. Cork

Enrolment: From September 2022 (during school office hours )-tel: 021 4294208 or on enrolment night at the school (Final dates To Be Confirmed)

Cost: €80 per person

Time :  8.25 – 9.30pm

Course Length: 10 weeks

Start Date:  September 2022 (Final dates To Be Confirmed)

Tuesday Evening Classes

Social Latin American & Fun Dance 4 Way Split

Venue :  Douglas Community School, Cleremount Avenue, Douglas, Co. Cork

Enrolment: From September 2022 (during school office hours )-tel: 021 4294208 or on enrolment night at the school (Final Date To Be Confirmed)

Cost: €95 per person

Time :  7.15-9.30pm (Beginner Class)

Course Length: 10 weeks

Start Date:  September 2022 (Final Date To Be Confirmed)

Tuesday Evening Classes

Line Dancing

Venue :  Douglas Community School, Cleremount Avenue, Douglas, Co. Cork

Enrolment: From Monday Jan 31st 2022.

By post: Enclosing details and fee to Adult Education Office, Douglas Community School, Clermount Avenue, Douglas, Cork. Note:- An email address must be provided.

Online enrolment. Go to and follow the link to Adult Education! Enrolements queries will also be accepted during school office hours by calling (021) 4294201.

Cost: €45 per person

Time :  7.00pm-8.00pm

Course Length: 7 weeks

Start Date: Tuesday Mar. 1st 2022

Dance Classes Cork – Zumba (r) Fitness Class Schedule

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