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Private Dance Lessons Cork

Tuition can be arranged for couples/individuals (as available) who would like first wedding dance routines choreographed for their special day or tuition can be arranged for those looking to learn how to dance for themselves in a one to one environment.

Private dance lessons Cork enables tailored tuition to a couple’s needs and therefore designed to suit any particular pace.

Book your DJ or Band

Book your DJ or Band

Private Dance Lessons Cork FAQs

Q – Does it matter if I’ve never danced before?

A – No, all abilities including the absolute beginner with two left feet are catered for. Just make sure you register into a new beginner course or class.

Q – What clothing do I wear?

A – There is no strict dress code but for added comfort gents may wish to wear trousers and ladies a skirt or trousers as opposed to any tight clothing or jeans.

Q – What about footwear if I don’t have dancing shoes?

A – Although I recommend proper dance shoes I fully understand that beginners may want to wait a while before committing to such a purchase. In such cases, I suggest ladies wear a shoe with a small heel and preferably something secure and flexible. For gents a flexible office type shoe which isn’t too clumpy (for consideration for the ladies toes!) and preferably with a non-slip heel is desirable. As soon as you become hooked (which shouldn’t take long) and dance regularly I strongly suggest dancing shoes to significantly improve your technique. 

Q – When and how do we pay?

A – Course fees are required before the course commences. All course fees can be paid by cash or cheque or online through a secure payment option.